Interview Technique:

“The way I work, the interview never becomes bigger than the person I am interviewing.”- Ken Burns

Interviews have evolved over time, not every company needs Google-esque riddle-me-this questions to find the right fit. Creating a transparent process for candidates plays a huge part, along with leading the conversation in a constructive and engaging manner. It should never be about trick questions or trying to catch someone out. The aim should be only to find out whether you and the candidate will work well together and can create a mutual plan or set business goal sfor the company. Some of our training includes;

-        Creating a streamlined screening process

-        The do’s and don’ts of Interview Questions

-        Interview Roleplay including feedback and assistance in developing questions specific to an industry or role.

-        Creating an interview structure and creating “Buy in” from candidates at an early stage

I met Laura to hone my interview techniques. I realise now that i may have missed out on some great hires in the past from my lack of understanding when it comes to delivering an interview that works for my business. Interviews are never a one size fits all, what works for a large company could never work for mine so why would i interview in the same manner? Now i’m confident that through my enhanced interviewing skills i will hire the right people for me every time.
— Declan O C - SME Accounting Practice Owner
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